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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

inks for swampthing and walking dead back cover #54


skiny said...

awesome inks!

Kevin Zeigler said...

I love seeing when you put new stuff on here! Also, great inks in Invincible... you are just too awesome!

Robert Q. Atkins said...

Ive been a huge fan of your work for years now! I love this stuff.

I was wondering how you scanned in your inks. settings, dpi, file type to keep it so crisp and unbitmapped...(if thats a word?)

anyway, keep it up, I cant wait to see more Reaper!

cliff said...

i scan at 900 dpi in rgb and in photoshop i play with the levels and then the threshold at 147. then resize and make it 600 dpi in bitmap